Since 1948

photo of Sunset Music store sign
Sunset Music Company was founded in 1948 by Jerry Thomas .

Mr. Thomas began with a piano studio and a waiting room. He was asked to have records on consignment in the waiting room, and one day someone came in and asked for a set of guitar strings. Mr. Thomas went out and bought a set to sell. He gradually built up the stock so that in 1960, he opened a full-fledge store.

Though the store no longer sells records as its main product--the original sign with records on it still hangs on the building--we still sell record needles.
Always located on Irving Street, Sunset Music has been in its present and third location for 23 years. Mr. Thomas retired in 1988 and passed away in December 2015 at age 95.

The present owner, Evelyn Masuda, grew up with the store. She went to San Francisco State University for a Bachelor's of Music. She has taught and performed in the area as a pianist and violinist, and works as the pianist at Broadmoor Presbyterian Church in Daly City. (
photo of Sunset Music store front view